HYPERVSN is a system that allows you to create, display and manage 3D hologram visualizations, perceived as hanging in the air. The 16 million color interface keeps the device level at an elite level. The unique combination of the Solo unit and the large HYPERVSN wall guarantees that we will satisfy even your most complex ideas. All our products are manufactured in Europe using only the highest quality components on the market.

Hologram display visible under all conditions

Clearly visible through glass, even in daylight with over 16 million colors and high brightness.

Lightweight and energy efficient

Each device is easily portable (weighing just 2.8 kg) and extremely energy efficient – 80 Wh. 

Suitable for every project

Multiple devices can be installed across different locations, and HYPERVSN WALL (multiple devices can be connected for any size hologram projection) creates holograms of any size.


We are here to provide you with 24/7 technical support. They created your 3D content and helped you choose the best way possible for maximum visual effect.  

Watch Hypervsn in Action

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