Established 2016

Relsson LLC has emerged together with the Virtual Reality scene that has been developing these years.


It was a established by two young entrepreneurs with a background in business management and experience in the field of marketing and product development.

Global Company

With branches in different countries of the EU, our company’s goal is to become a truly global company and expand worldwide.


Relsson can provide entertainment and other areas to shopping malls, private or corporate companies, and other venues.

Virtual Reality

We are investing heavily in the future of virtual reality and alternative reality technology. We want to figure out new ways these products can be used for the benefit of ordinary people.

Product Engineering

Our company also designs and produces products such as our massage chair systems, and some VR products such as the Virtual Arena.

Why Work With Us

We are a team of young entrepreneurs and are very open to new ideas and innovations. We believe that together we can achieve more. 

Our Mission

As a start-up company, our mission is to offer quality products and services to our customers with the hope to surpass their expectations. We aim to create new ideas and develop as a team. Our employees are treated like our family because we believe that cooperation between people leads to prosperity.

Our Technology

Whether we use products from established world brands, or we create our own concepts, the main goal is to make use of this technology in a way that is innovative and nobody has done before.

Our Solution

We strive to provide turnkey VR solutions to our corporate customers, by tailoring our products and services to each customer’s specific needs and taste. The same process is applied to our VR Zone and Relax Zone service.

Innovation 100%
Design 100%
Team Work 100%
Customer Service 100%
Entertainment 100%